The high-resolution microfocus CT system diondo2 has been developed for detailed analysis of small and medium-size inspection objects. Basing on customer requirements, system can be equipped with a microfocus or nanofocus tube.

By choosing the optimal parameters (maximun voltage, power and resolution) related to x-ray tube, diondo2 ensures the ideal combination of final resolution and material penetration. Meantime, it's possibile to select a wide range of digital detectors (2k, 3k, 4k). In this way diondo2 final set-up can meet 100% of specific application requirements.


  • granite-base manipulation system with an accuracy of +/- 1µm
  • 3D analysis according VDI 2630
  • long-term stability by cooling of tube head and turbo pump
  • microfocus tubes up to 300kV continuos output rating