diondo 3


Highest precision for large inspection parts. Without restrictions in the inspection scope compared to traditional compact CT systems, diondo3 is designed for the installation in a walk-in radiation protection cabinet or in radiation protection room.

The final size of diondo3 is designed to suite to customer needs. Therefore even bulky and voluminous inspection-parts can be scanned with the typical accuracy of an high-resolution micro CT system.

diondo3 is particulary suitable for additional integration of functional units (mechanical or thermal stress units).


  • granite-based manipulation system with an accuracy of up to +/- 1┬Ám
  • wide selection of manipulator dimensions/movement paths of axis
  • 3D analysis according VDI 2630
  • long-term stability by cooling of tube head and turbo pump
  • Microfocus tubes up to 300kV continuous output rating